Trafficking Still a Problem in Malaysia

Source : The Asean Post Team
5 April 2020

According to the United States (US) Department of State in its ‘Trafficking in Persons Report 2019’, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Malaysia, and to a lesser extent, traffickers exploit victims from Malaysia abroad.

It cannot be denied that human trafficking is a major concern and the government is ramping up its efforts to tackle the issue, although it has not fully met the minimum standards, according to the US Department of State.

In August 2019, Global Shepherds led a coalition of NGOs called Joining Hands Against Modern Slavery (JHAMS), and collaborated with National Council for Anti-Trafficking in Persons (MAPO) to organise Malaysia’s first ever National Conference on Anti-Trafficking in Persons.full_report_tip_national_conference_5aug2019.pdf

This was followed by a series of Consultation Workshops, between NGOs, CSOs and government agencies to raise awareness on issues relating to trafficking in persons and to explore ways to enhance partnership between government agencies and NGOs/CSOs.

This is an on-going collaborative process.