Program Latihan untuk Pelatih : Menerapkan kesedaran untuk menamatkan jenayah pemerdagangan orang

Training of Trainers : Facilitator's module on Human Trafficking Awarenessmodule_tot_ht_edit_3.0_revised.docx_1mdp.pdf

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Labour Issues in the Palm Oil Sector in Sabah

Study undertaken by Dr. Andika Wahab of Ikmas (Institute of International & Malaysian Studies), UKM Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia),  on labour issues specifically in the palm oil sector in Sabah, Malaysia. The study aims to identify gaps in knowledge, practices and awareness; challenges faced by palm oil growers and to formulate policy recommendations for better implementation of the decent work agenda.


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Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

The number of people in modern slavery has increased to 50 million worldwide, according to the latest Global Estimates report, released by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The challenge of modern slavery – which for the purpose of the report comprises forced labour and forced marriage – appears to continue to grow, say the authors.


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Global Shepherds' Survey on Child Labour (2022)


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Keep Me Safe - child safeguarding & protection

A project by our Migrant Development Team in Sabah on strengthening community-based protection mechanisms for undocumented and migrant children in Sabah.

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World Trafficking in Persons Report 2022

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1st National Virtual Conference on Care and Protection of Victims of Trafficking

The Conference marks a significant milestone in our partnership with the Government in combating trafficking and in ensuring protection for the victims.

Held virtually over 2 days, the conference saw participation from international and local government as well as non-government bodies.


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Ethics and Policies


Global Shepherds does not condone abuse, harassment or discrimination of any kind.
We uphold a strong code of ethics in our workplace.
We practice zero tolerance towards sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.
We endeavour to create and maintain safe environments for the women and children in the communities we work with.

Code of Conduct & Ethics for Employees 
Code of Conduct & Ethics for Volunteers
Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy
Protection from Sexual Harrassment Exploitation & Abuse

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A review of Rights Realisation by Girls in Asia Pacific

A Good Shepherd Practitioner Understanding of Girls Rights' Attainment.

Good Shepherd units in Asia Pacific launched their research document on Girls Rights’ Attainment on 31st July, coinciding with the birthday of our Mother Foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia. The launch was hosted and presented by the girl children of Asia Pacific, namely India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Indonesia. 


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2021 Trafficking in Persons Report

Latest report on Trafficking in Persons released by US State Department. The TIP report assesses government efforts around the world in combatting human trafficking. This year highlights the activities of trafficking within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and stresses the importance of trauma-informed approach.  For the first time, it also warns of the dangers of systemic racism and its connection with human trafficking.

Read the report here  tip_report_final_20210701.pdf

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