Micro Enterprise (Project Discontinued)

A small kitchen with a BIG heart. The Micro Enterprise Project (MEP) was a continuation of a programme in Ipoh that provided women in the shelter with a small income whilst they decided on their next steps and support systems.   When the shelter closed the MEP programme was  developed to provide employment to women and the profit intended for the mission works. 

During its time, it produced delicious baked and bottled goods that were sold in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and as far as Singapore. Under the guidance of Sr. Helena, the MEP staff produced such treats as almond cookies, pineapple jam tarts and fruit cake which were in high demand especially at Chinese New Year and Christmas time. The MEP is also the home of the well-known salted lime & honey – a delightful concoction which could be made into a drink – and Sr. Helena’s famous saltfish pickle.  

Due to competitive markets and logistics, this project has since been discontinued.

Behind Closed Doors

Our public service announcement video, "Behind Closed Doors" was re-launched in 2018 targeting the refugees communities.  In addition to the main language (English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil)  this video is now available in Rohingya and Arabic. Read More