International Women's Day - Refugee Community

Women and children in refugee communities remain vulnerable to abusive and harmful situations. Their situation was made worse during the Covid19 pandemic where women and children were forced to remain in their houses, most often with the perpetrator of the abuses.

Within the country, they also face xenophobia, child marriage, loss of livelihoods and mental health issues that remained unattended.

Global Shepherds, in collaboration with UNHCR, continue to work with a group of refugee women on creating sustainable safe placements for women and children at risk. We aim to empower them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to find solutions and overcome their vulnerability. Training sessions included identifying the risk factors, shelter operations and case management as well as child safeguarding and child protection.

On International Women’s Day, we speak to three of the participants –
women who have discovered their leadership capabilities who are on the path to achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world