International Day of the Girl Child

The students of CLC Matakana in Beaufort, Sabah gathered on the 10th October 2019, for a full day of activities, fun and games, participatory sessions to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. The programme was aimed to be a platform in which the opinions and voices of girls are heard, and to encourage more girls to stand up and voice out against discrimination.

Kudos and many thanks to our facilitators and also the teachers of CLC Matakana for successfully reaching out to the girls through their interactive sessions. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the variety of activities, which included video presentations, interactive and role-playing sessions amongst other things. The issues of prevention of child marriage/forced marriage and the importance of education – especially -  seeds of awareness of these issues were successfully planted, as well as what is likely to happen when these issues are resolved. Which had a positive impact on the participants.

All in, a successful program. And judging from their faces, everybody was sad that the day had to end.