International Day of the Girl

This year’s theme celebrates the digital generation, and aims to create heightened awareness amongst girls of the digital technology and the many opportunities awaiting them in this digital generation.

It is also a reminder to girls that they CAN be part of the digital revolution, that their gender is no obstacle to achieving their dreams.

As the country is still in the midst of some kind of lockdown, celebrations were muted. We could, however, hold a simple event at the women’s shelter.

A debate was organized, where the topics revolved around the capabilities and opportunities available to girls as opposed to boys.

  • Is it only the girls who are tasked with household chores ?
  • Are girls capable or have the opportunity to pursue computer-related or digital technology jobs?

Lively and animated discussions ensued, with the ladies voicing their opinions and thoughts. Some minds were set in the typical stereotyping of gender roles, but most if not all agreed that girls are equally capable of boys in any field, and should be given the opportunity given the chance.

It was indeed a joy to see and hear them presenting their cases.

They were then divided into groups and discussed how they could elevate the position of girls in their respective countries and communities back home.

These activities really helped to heighten their awareness on gender equality, many vowed to impart the lessons learnt to their children and families when they returned home.


Over in Sabah, the girls from the migrant community expressed their feelings with song, poetry and art, based on the topic “Closing the Digital Divide to Accelerate Change”

Watch the video here

We'd like to thank Aldriana Ris Lo, Programme Officer based in Keningau, Sabah for the video compilation.