How are the Girls?

Recognising the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on women and girls especially in the most vulnerable countries, Good Shepherd International Foundation embarked on a multi-congregational research initiative together with the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, the Comboni Sisters and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, who have always worked at grassroots level in the education, protection and promotion of the rights of girls and children. This resulted in "How are the Girls? A study on the Rights of Girls during the Covid-19 Pandemic in six countries" report, which was presented in Rome in December 2022. The report is aimed at providing guidance for future programmes of the 4 congregations as they plan new educational, development and advocacy initiatives.

The impact of COVID-19 on girls and young women

The Covid-19 pandemic that begun at the end of 2019, disrupted every facet of our lives. Many communities, mostly in the South of the world, and among them, children and adolescents, particularly girls, have suffered its impacts more than others.

Upholding the dignity and promoting the well-being of this group of people is at the core of the mission of the four Congregations that promoted the present research.

Based on decades long experience serving the most underserved in our society, the Congregations were aware that the conditions of many girls and children in the poorest countries were already extremely fragile and that measures such as lock-downs, school closure and interruption of protection services could cause enormous harm.

Source : Good Shepherd International Foundation

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