CSW66 (Commission on the Status of Women) 2022

Established in 1946, CSW is a global intergovernmental body made up of representatives of the UN member states, UN entities and ECOSOC (Economic & Social Council of UN) accredited NGOs from all over the world. CSW is dedicated to pursuing gender equality and empowerment for women.  It aims to change the situation of women and girls in the world. 

This year’s theme was “Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies and programs”

Recognising that women and girls are disproportionately disadvantaged by the adverse effects of climate change, economic and social crises; the CSW’s outcome document, Agreed Conclusions, seeks to address issues faced by women and girls globally and urges governments to take concrete actions.

The Agreed Conclusions is a plan forward for a positive restructuring of frameworks to enhance gender equality and integrate gender perspectives into climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies.

Good Shepherd Sister Winifred Doherty, main NGO representative to the United Nations, writes about the success of CSW66 including the parallel events which saw a strong participation from  Good Shepherd schools and social services organisations.

Read about it here https://www.globalsistersreport.org/news/social-justice/column/success-2...