Say No to Child Labour


According to Human Rights Watch: the number of children exploited for hard labour had decreased by one-third since 2000. There are now more than 70 million children in school.  

The effects of child labour :

  • Mental, emotional and psychological stress
  • Physical  injuries and/or disabilities 
  • Often under-nourished
  • Exposed to hazards and illnesses
  • Illiteracy


Children need to be kept in school, not out in the fields/worksites/factories - education gives them the mental and social development they need, builds self-confidence as well as paves a path for them out of the cycle of poverty.

Documentation for stateless children - birth registration document, birth certificate, passport - gives them a sense of identity. More importantly, gives them access to education, healthcare and other basic needs.

Child Safety Awareness programs as an education tool for children as well as parents - understanding the importance of personal safety, recognising danger factors and how to avoid  them. In short, to know their basic rights in order to grow and develop safely and healthily.