International Women's Day 2023

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women’s achievements. To raise awareness about discrimination against women and to advocate for gender equality.


This year Global Shepherds chose to celebrate the strength and resilience of survivors of human trafficking.

These women, who have experienced exploitation and abuse, and persevered through such unimaginable trauma at the hands of traffickers, and who are now moving forward to rebuild their lives with purpose and dignity.

We celebrate them.


With that in mind, the programme participants (PPs) of RPGS came together with staff as well as the Good Shepherd Religious in a celebration of women in general, and of themselves as they overcome each obstacle and navigate their recovery in their journey of healing.

It was all about Empowerment, Motivation and Encouragement, with one’s self and with each other.

In the style of ‘secret santa’, each one was paired with another person to whom they made little cards and/or gifts each with words of encouragement or inspiration or simply a Happy Women’s Day wish. This seemingly simple gesture proved a powerful tool that really uplifted everybody. Smiles, giggles and some tears filled the room as they read their cards.


PPs were also given the task of organizing games for the staff. Oh how they enjoyed that !

Strings were strung across the porch on which hung a crispy snack which staff had to try and grab without using their hands. And some other games which really had the staff working for the win! Props for all the games were hand-made using whatever was at hand. These women have mad creative skills!


Of course, there was a serious session. PPs were shown a slide show on the significance of International Women’s Day, awareness of women’s rights and gender equality, and a call of encouragement that women can make the change they want to see in their lives.

Lunch was a pizza treat, which was immensely enjoyed by all! As per our normal practice, it was also a birthday celebration for March babies.

Still on the topic of Women’s Day, our shelter and case management office played host to the staff of 7-Eleven who came in full force to help us spruce up and brighten up our case management office with a new coat of paint!

While this was going on, another team visited the shelter to conduct a session on global warming, environment pollution, the benefits of recycling &conservation, and climate change. Although a seemingly dry topic, the session was very interactive - the PPs enthusiastically responding with their ideas on saving the environment and having meaningful conversations on all things conservation. We were all soundly impressed !

They were then divided into groups, together with 7-Eleven staff, to make recycling boxes. 4 groups for 4 different items – glass, aluminium, paper & natural waste. Again, the PPs’ creativity came to fore as they painted and decorated their boxes.

It was indeed an enjoyable afternoon, great collaboration between visitors and PPs as they worked together to create their recycling box.


The handiwork of the group


We thank 7-Eleven for their contribution of groceries and snacks. Much appreciated !

Staff of 7-Eleven and GSB