2020 Trafficking in Persons Report

The Malaysian government is making significant efforts to reduce human trafficking, although enforcement is still not stringent enough.

Although not glaringly obvious, human trafficking is prevalent in Malaysia; its rather relaxed border controls make for easy entry and lack of enforcement means perpetrators often go free.

Traffickers exploit those most vulnerable, and lure them with deceitful offers, often with a hefty price (that victims end up paying for the rest of their lives); only for them to be forced in to prostitution or forced labour. Children included.

Efforts need to be stepped up and more public awareness be focused on this issue. Understanding the ecosystem of human trafficking and recognizing it as a crime – the vileness, the web of deceit, personal greed, corruption, the exploitation and harassment – maybe then the country can eradicate this problem.

Read the US Department of State Annual Report on Trafficking here2020-tip-report-complete-062420-final.pdf