This programme assist migrant children from Indonesian communities to access Indonesian nationality through the Indonesian Consulate in Sabah

How Companies Could Help Undocumented Children Acquire Birth Registration

From Global Shepherds’ Field Experience
Steps to be considered by Company:- 
  • Step 1: Company to distribute birth registration form to all workers (parents) who have children without birth certificate. 
    Note: A sample of birth registration form can be retrieved from the nearby National Registration Department (NRD). Note that only original birth registration form is allowed to be used in actual application with the NRD.
  • Step 2: Workers (parents) will fill up the birth registration form, and return form to the Company. Each registration form should be accompanied by these supporting documents:- 
    • Copy of parents’ marriage certificate, or confirmation letter from company to confirm parents’ union; 
    • Copy of medical letters / letter issued by clinic or confirmation letter from company; 
    • Copy of parents’ passports or other travel documents; 
    • Copy of passports from two witnesses*; and
    • Two photos (passport size) of child.
      *Note: Two witnesses must be Indonesian with valid passports, and know the applicants.
  • Step 3: Company will gather all the completed birth registration form and supporting documents from workers (parents). 
  • Step 4: Company will send a letter to Indonesian Consulate, Sabah, inviting Consulate’s representative(s) to conduct interview with applicants (or their parents)

How to collaborate with Global Shepherds?

Birth registration application is not be an easy process, especially if the applicants lack supporting documents (e.g., lack of parents’ marriage certificate). Furthermore, the lack of awareness among parents on the importance of birth certificate may hinder children from being registered and issued with this important document.

Companies who have workers with children (local and immigrant children) without birth certificates and encounter other challenges including lack of awareness on the procedures and documentations needed to support birth certificate applications may reach out to Global Shepherds. 

Global Shepherds may assist companies as follows: 

Technical advice on the procedures and documentation needed for birth registration. These include advice on the role of company in facilitating the acquisition of birth certificate.

Training for company’s employees and representatives to conduct sessions with workers and their family members, data collection and submission of documents to Consulate and/or National Registration Department (NRD). 

Organize awareness raising and engagement with company’s workers and their family members including children.